Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Virtus Training

During class we watched this video that was on child molesters and children who were victims. The movie made me think about how anyone that your child trusts could be a molester and you really don't know who is one or not. There are key things to look out for that could indicate that someone may be a child molester, some of them manipulate the kids to believe they are someone they can trust and insure that when they are molested that it is okay and that they are doing the right thing for the child. We have to make sure that kids know that if they are molested that they can talk to anyone about it and shouldn't think that they were the ones that did something wrong. We also learned a couple ways to avoid being accused of molesting a child and making sure that we do have witnesses. Making sure that we are never alone with the child and always leaving the door open is a big thing. Making sure that we are not in the child's personal space and hugging them even if they want to be hugged we have to maintain the professional boundary and always be looking out for the child's and our own safety because it is very hard to prove yourself innocent after an accusation.

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