Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Lab 2/21

Today was a prep lab because the students at St. Mary's have off. We got to practice our own games and get feed back from our peers. I think these prep labs are very helpful because they make us realize what games work and what games we may have to change up a little bit so that the kids can understand them better. Seeing my peers teach games really helps me also because it gives me ideas on how to get the children listening and engaged in what I am trying to teach them. At the end of the day it is really difficult for the students to get all settled down and paying attention to you and get them really interested in your game. If you play a game that they already have played within the last month they have no interest in it at all so you have to learn to adapt and be able to change your game very quickly to get the children to want to play your game. Calling the game a different name and having taggers be called different things and using different locomotor movements totally changes the game for the students.

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