Saturday, April 9, 2011

St. Mary's 5K/1K Run

Attending the run at St. Mary's was an excellent experience for me. Being able to see how many people attend the run and were involved with it was surprising. Doing a community event like this run is an excellent way to spread to word about the importance of fitness and teaching fitness for life. Since I am a Physical Education major, I would really love to do something like this in my future when I am a teacher. Just being a teacher during the week is not enough, you have to do outside of school work that helps spread the message of Physical Education. Working outside of school hours can make people of the community pay attention to you and realize that you are working towards a great cause. Mrs. Obama's program "Let's Move in Schools" is just one of the many programs that are being supported that help show the importance of a Physical Education program. The idea that some Physical Education programs are not at the par that they should be is disappointing because we are trying to show students why it is so important to participate in life long fitness. However, if the program does not support and show the students how to do this the correct way then how can we expect them to actually want to continue fitness outside of school. Physical Education is such an important part of our children's life and we have to make sure that we are supporting and showing them every way possible to get and stay involved.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monday Lab 4/4

This weeks lab theme was the PBS show Dinosaur Train. The motor skills that we were observing this week were the overhand throw and the catch. The games that were provided for the students to play were hard to see and evaluate these skills properly. Boundaries should have been set up that the students had to throw behind so that they would be able to execute the skill more accurately. As for the catch, it was hard to see the students properly do this because the throws were not very accurate so it made it hard for the other student to catch. So because the game was not very accurate in showing the students skill it was hard to say who was able to complete the skill better and what they could have improved on.

Our group was in the cafeteria this week, I figured that there would be more students to play games with once we got in the gym but we were limited with numbers. Many of our games that we ran were targeted towards a larger group of students so it was hard to execute them properly. I brought in a visual aid to help the students know what kind of dinosaur that they would have to act like but I feel like it was targeted towards younger students instead of the age group that we were dealing with. I still need to find and put music onto my iPod to aid in the games that we are running.